A bit of winter light…

We’ll be back early next week with more posts since we’re off taking some family time, but I thought I would leave you this week with one of our favorite parts of the drop off in the mornings and pick up in the afternoons.Snow in Copenhagen and Denmark doesn't mean that school is cancelled - it means that schools head outside! Out and about in the snow with my daughter's forest school.When you walk in, there are all the logistics of what’s going on, the checking in and checking out of students on the list, the various announcements, what they’re reading… A vase holds goodies they find in the woods, and their latest craft, like this whittled bird, is on display.  But there is almost always – especially now that it’s winter, a lit candle.

It’s very Danish, very “hyggeligt” to have candles here in Denmark.  They believe it creates a feeling of welcome, a feeling of coziness.  And with all of winter’s darkness, we’ve come to know that they are absolutely right.  Candles find their way into our home much more frequently now too.

The school nearly always has candles for birthdays…for the parent social days… and just on most days for no reason at all but to make everyone feel welcome.  It’s a beautiful sentiment, and it is so lovely to see children grow up around that.

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