A Toddler’s Guide to October in Copenhagen…

October has been busy, busy for us, and if I could get to everything in time, there would have been about ten out + about posts for us.  It’s really just that time of year that you start settle into the change of seasons, right? The shorts go away, the layers come out…the darker nights come earlier and the transition to the “school year” isn’t quite as hectic anymore…plus Copenhagen, and the area to the north of us, really does offer a lot during the fall.  A few I’ve mentioned on the blog already but just in case I don’t get to everything before the month is over, here are our toddler favorites for October in Copenhagen!


    1. Dyrehaven Park: This is a favorite any time of year, and a frequent stomping ground of many a forest school here in the area.  In fact, our toddler knows this park infinitely better than we do so she’s very much the guide on her turf when we make it out.  It’s gorgeous in October with the fall colors and hiking paths that go for ever, so it’s a stroll everyone can enjoy (and she likes to bring her bike since we give her free reign).  As a bonus, the end of September and October are mating seasons so you’ll see and hear lots more excitement about the park…it’s like your own Mutual of Omaha special.
    2. Apples and Pears at Frydenlunds Frugtplantage: This year, it looks like Frydenlunds will wrap up the self-pick season on October 18th.  We’ve already been twice (see the apple picking post here) but it really is worth a trip out to Vedbaek if you have never been.  Not only is the fruit fantastic, but that particular area is also lovely for fall and has some of the nicest homes in greater Copenhagen.
    3. Yayoi Kusama at the Louisiana Museum: The retrospective of this priestess of pop art polka dots just opened over at the Louisiana and just another way that they’re hitting out of the park this year.  We’re members at the museum and I found that we were getting a bit bored at some of the exhibits last year, but this year, one after the other have been hits for our family.  Kusama’s art can be delicate (um, and valuable) so the one tough thing at this exhibit is that your wee ones will see lots of stuff that looks like you can touch and handle, except for of course, you can’t.  Still, it’s worth taking them to see some of what’s surely in their imaginations come to life.  Try to make it on a weeknight when the museum has late night hours – you don’t have to go all that late, but avoiding some of the rush hours over the weekend will give you more space to enjoy the art, and less hassle fighting the crowds. And bonus, you can do the buffet dinner at the lovely cafe.
    4. Halloween at Tivoli: This one is a no-brainer.  Not only is Tivoli open again for three weeks (hurrah!), but they do Halloween like nobody’s business.  Last year, they brought in 17,000 pumpkins (to give you a sense of scale) and all the rides are redecorated in a Halloween theme.  Plus, they have stands selling mulled wine (even more this year!)  – what could be better?
    5. Trick or Treating!: Yes! It can be done here in Denmark and it’s actually getting more and more popular.  The two best areas to go are in the “potato rows” down in Osterbro or in the Skovshoved area (rumor has it that the American Ambassador’s residence is always well stocked and now neighboring houses are prepared too!) – Danes are giving their own “hyggeligt” spin on this classic American holiday so don’t miss out on one of the best nights of the year!

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