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Welcome to A Toddler in the Trees!

This blog is a little corner to share our story about leaving the option of the traditional classroom behind in exchange for a Danish Forest School for our toddler – we traded in the books and papers you usually associate with school, and got a whole lot of adventure in its place.

Our toddler started the system just short of 3 years of age and is on her second year in forest school.  When we made our decision to give the school a go (even though we didn’t think we’d be typical candidates), there wasn’t much information on forest schools out there.  And nearly none of it was from the perspective of the parent, and what’s it’s like to send your child out to the middle of the woods and hope for the best.  This blog’s aim is to help others see what the day in and day out is like in this unique education system.  We’re hoping to demystify the whole forest thing, while showing that there are other ways to think about how out set our little ones up for life’s lessons.  While not every preschool has to be a forest school, we’d argue that the overall principles of restricting less and experiencing more is something many children could benefit from.

Now, a little more about the toddler in question:

Forest School

Not surprisingly, this blog is not actually written by the toddler but rather by her mother, who also pens the blog The New Diplomat’s Wife.  There she covers their life in Denmark, as well as other places they have lived, all in 2-3 year increments, and the travels in between.

We welcome your thoughts and questions – drop us a line or get in touch via social media! And thanks for reading along!