Do you want to build a snowman?

I was thinking this weekend about the backlog of fall posts I had here for the blog when we looked up and it almost ceased to matter right then and there.  Fall posts? Forget those – it was snowing! Just like that winter had arrived.Forest School Snowman-3Good thing that we had already done our forest school “winterizing” earlier.  That’s the thing about Copenhagen – despite the fact that most kids are outdoors tons and most years (ahem, all years) there is a winter, there always seems to be a shortage of winter gear once winter actually comes.  Learned this the hard way our first year.  Things like boots and snow pants? Can’t be picky! If you see them in your size, buy them (at whatever exorbitant price) since when you actually need them the chances of finding anything in your size is slim.Forest School Snowman-2So we were ready.  And she couldn’t wait until school to build a snowman, we had to do it right then and there.  So I had to find winter gear of my own (thank you, ski clothes) and we got a head start on snowman building before going out for the day.  He’s not the most svelte snowman, but for a first attempt for the season, we’ll take it.  We named him Olaf. Of course.Forest School Snowman-4

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