Happy Summer!

In the states, Memorial Day (yesterday) is the unofficial start to the summer.  School wraps up and vacation plans take off.   As luck would have it, it was also a holiday here, though for different reasons, but we couldn’t help thinking that summer had finally arrived.  Bring on the ice cream and the field trips and the long, long hours of sunlight.  We’re  still deciding on our own plans (though we got a little head start with a long weekend in Mallorca last week), but that doesn’t mean that the forest school adventures will stop for the season.

Clara Jumps-1

Here in Denmark, forest school actually goes on year-round.  As a parent, can I tell you what a lifesaver that is?  Classes get smaller in July and August as most kids rotate out for their own family breaks (and here in Denmark, most families take a 2-3 week solid block), but the schools are open and the kids are out and about.  So keep checking back, we’ll have more posts here.  In the meantime, we wish all the readers a wonderful start to their summer season – it is, after all, the perfect time to get outside and explore!

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