Leaps for the Leap Year…

How often do you get the benefit of an extra day in the year? Well, once every four years, to be precise, but for some reason, it feels a bit more special this year somehow. Kind of like a bonus day…I’m liking these leap days more and more.

So in honor of the leap day, we’re showing off a few leaps here on the blog. A few from the forest, a few from travels, a few from around town, all from this past year. If there’s one thing our tot likes, it’s showing off her leaps – a perfect time to wish everyone a happy leap day! Take a jump and make the most of it!Jumps Around the World-21Jumps Around the World-23Jumps Around the World-19Jumps Around the World-18Jumps Around the World-16Jumps Around the World-13Jumps Around the World-11Jumps Around the World-9Jumps Around the World-8Jumps Around the World-7Jumps Around the World-6Jumps Around the World-5

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