Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs…

We’re starting to gear up for Easter weekend around here.  This year, I was hoping to give naturally dyed easter eggs a go.  It’s actually something that I grew up doing.  We always had a batch of eggs dyed in onion skins and then by Polish tradition, you etch out designs with a little needle.  When I was daughter’s age, I most certainly did not have the patience for that and much preferred the many colors that you could use in commercial dye.



However, in my older age I find myself wanting to slow down and try the things that take a little bit more time.  Unlike Denmark, we don’t have all the days off for the preparations and I’ll confess that I miss those (no time for an Easter room this year!).  There was always a sense of “getting ready” for holidays there, whereas here, holiday preparations blend into many of our daily obligations.  It’s a concerted effort not to over-plan and over-book, and to save time for doing things a little more slowly.

We’ll have the regular colors this year as always, but I was hoping to give these blueberry dyed eggs from Fruetcake and these green eggs from Design Mom (what can I say, we’re partial to green around here) a go as well to bring a little bit of old school into the mix.  We’re carving out the afternoon before Easter as a family to take our time…not cramming the eggs in between a million activities but taking the time to set up the eggs, maybe watch a Charlie Brown or two, order in  – it might not go perfectly….the colors might not be as in the picture… but I think we’ll end up with exactly the feeling that the holidays are meant to give.

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