Out + About: Copenhagen’s Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Copenhagen

I hope you like pink, because we have a lot of it today…  Cherry blossoms are in full swing here in Copenhagen, and being that we came here from Washington, DC, which is about one step short of Japan when it comes to these fluffy blooms, we hopped out to check them out this weekend.

In addition to the forest school topics, occasionally we’ll cover adventures that we have out and about.  I cover many of our travels on my other blog, but we’ll share a few of the “#offduty” things that we here too.  After all, there’s more to life than just school, n’est-ce pas? Even if the school is a purported free for all in the forest…

Cherry Blossoms CopenhagenCherry Blossoms CopenhagenCherry Blossoms Copenhagen

Anyway, cherry blossoms were the name of the game this weekend, and so was sunshine and full on spring weather.  If you’ve ever done a Danish winter, well, you know what a big deal that is…(and if you have indeed done a Danish winter, please take a moment to congratulate yourself).  Here’s the thing about cherry blossoms in Denmark though…in DC, if you want to see them, you head down to the tidal basin, a stone’s throw away from the city’s most significant monuments.  Here, you head down to the cemetery.  Yup, this riot of spring life is surrounded by death.

Cherry Blossoms CopenhagenCherry Blossoms Copenhagen

From what I can tell, Danes are pretty matter of fact about death.  And if our visit to the Bispepjerg Kirkegard was any indication, it doesn’t have to be a lonely end to be afraid of.  The cemetery is actually a cemetery of course, but it also seems to double as a park full of flowers and visitors and families having picnics, and young angsty loves holding hands and making googgly eyes at each other.  Kids are climbing trees, and adults are scattered around on blankets, and just about everyone is gawking at the beautiful trees…Must be that Danish sense of practicality – why use all that space for just the dead?  You could get double the value if it works for the living too.   I don’t know if it’s like that all the time, but it certainly was this weekend.  And if you ask me, maybe not a bad way to go?

Cherry Blossoms CopenhagenCherry Blossoms CopenhagenCherry Blossoms Copenhagen

If you’re interested in catching the blooms in Copenhagen (and we would highly suggest them), they’re in peak bloom right now so hurry along.  One windstorm and these ladies will fly into the night…

Information on the Bispebjerg Kirkegard can be found on the Kobenhavns Kommune page,  but basically it’s open during daylight hours.  Bonus, park (if you drive) in front of the Gruntvig Church and start there in Copenhagen’s tallest (but scandi minimalist) house of worship, and take a walk over to the cemetery.  And don’t forget your picnic blanket!

PS – For those that asked, the tot’s sneakers are from See Kai Run .


  1. Leslie in Oregon April 21, 2015

    Beautiful, sumptuous photographs…thank you! I love the idea of a cemetery park filled with happy human and gorgeous flora life.

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