Toddler Travels: A Few Articles on Bergen!

While I still have to get a proper write-up about our toddler travels to Bergen, Norway, I thought I’d share a few pieces that I’ve contributed elsewhere around the web that could help those looking to do a trip to Norway with littles in tow!

A few articles around the web about traveling and hiking with small children and toddlers to Bergen, Norway,

The first was a piece for Outdoor Families Magazine about Bergen’s Whimsical Troll Forest and why you shouldn’t miss the hike.  It’s a perfect outdoors activity, even with little ones in tow (plus, they’ll get a huge kick of both the hike AND the trolls!).

The second was a piece for Travelettes about traveling to Bergen in the Off-Season.  We ended up going last year both in the peak of peak season in August as well as in the low of low season in December.  Both were great trips but if I had to do it again, I’d give off-season travel another try – especially with little ones in tow!

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