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It might be January 12th but we still feel like we’re getting into the New Year.  As we spent some time as a family looking back on all the good things of the year past, we realized that we had really done a lot.  We grew as a family….we really got comfortable in forest school (so much so that I’m on the PTA! what? how did that happen?)…we traveled…but we also really learned to love Denmark and make it our home.  Fitting since we’re leaving in six months but well, that’s the lifestyle.

This blog has really only been around of April of this past year, and my maternity leave helped to create a bit of extra time to jot down some of our memories of this fantastic experience our daughter is having.  Still, despite how “young” the blog is, there have been some posts that really resonated with people.  Here are our Top Ten Posts of 2015!

The Top Ten posts of 2015 related to forest school, getting outside and our adventures in Denmark and beyond  from the A Toddler in the Trees blog.

Thanks to all the readers for joining along on this adventure and thanks to the commenters for sharing their thoughts!  Here’s to 2016!

Top Ten Posts 1


But She Doesn’t Have A Speech Impediment: Turns out, the story of how my daughter ended up in speech therapy and how that contributed to her learning Danish was the most popular post yet but a long shot!

Nine Unexpected Things Entrusted to Toddlers: Hammers and saws (wet and dry)….flora and fauna…dirt and mud and all sorts of other things that seem like they would be off-limits for toddlers and yet they are not here.

But I’m Danish!: I don’t know who had the bigger identity crisis when she said that – me or her!

Top Ten Posts 4




Q + A: How Much Does Forest School Cost? : In general, the Q + A series (and this blog’s FAQ’s) is always well read, but it was the money question that was most popular (and hint, it doesn’t cost as much as you think but that’s a benefit of living in Denmark).

Q + A:  How long did it take to learn Danish?: Similar to the speech impediment post, there’s a lot of interest in how long it takes to get fluent in this very particular language

Top Ten Posts 6






Living the Principles of Democracy in Forest School: This may have sparked some conversations back and forth about what the technical definition of democracy (and trust me, as a former Political Science and IR student, I’m familiar) and the overall concept resonated with other parents in terms of what we want our little ones to learn from each other and from their school systems

Q + A: Is forest school for hippies? : Is that what you think? I don’t blame you – it’s certainly what I thought when we first got here.

Top Ten Posts 8





Toddler’s Guide to the Danish Riviera: We’re lucky enough to live by some pretty beautiful coast line  – people come from all over to see it, here are our tips for getting the most out of your visit if you have little ones in tow!

Well…She Finally Fell on Some Sticks: It happened…here’s the story.






Top Ten Posts 10




Copenhagen’s Cherry Blossoms: Hands down, one of the most beautiful sights in this city.  Springtime is just around the corner, make sure you don’t miss them in 2016!


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