Well…she finally fell on some sticks…

One of the questions we get when we tell people that our daughter goes to school where carrying sticks is not only tolerated but encouraged, is what happens if the kids hit themselves or poke themselves or any inflict any other bodily malady with the sticks.  I mean, I thought about all of those things too, despite the fact that I like to make statements about not being a hover-y type mom…

What happens in a forest school when sticks come into the picture.  Copenhagen, Denmark.

It’s amazing how much kids can do a bit of auto-correcting when they’re surrounded by about twenty others, who usually are also brandishing one (if not two) sticks as well.  We’ve gotten used to the sticks and the truth is, usually nothing happens.  Usually.

But yesterday it did – she was running around and fell on some sticks.  Or fell on a stick she was holding.  Or fell on a stick someone else was holding.  Honestly, sometimes the details are hard to make out from a four-year old.  But there was a fall and it did involve sticks.  So it happens.

On the exterior, her cheek looks a bit rough.  On the interior of the cheek, rougher.  I think there were more than a few tears.  But the teachers didn’t seem too worried – they just passed on all the relevant information.  And moreover, my daughter didn’t seem to worried.  Despite the tears, an ice cream cone after school seemed to help mend away any immediate pain.  The lesson of being careful with sticks still will always stand and to some degree, now she understands first hand why.  They still make me nervous, but for her? She picked up right where she left off yesterday this morning when she walked in the gates…stick in hand.

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  1. Valentina Fussell October 27, 2015

    I’m so glad she mended quickly. It’s a hard way to learn, but it’s amazing how resilient kids are!


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