Wise Words n.10

Wise words from a Chinese expat in Sweden about the life outdoors, children's education and fitting in while in a new cultural environment.

Recently, this article about a Chinese transplant to Sweden and her perceptions about her move caught my eye in The Local Sweden (The Local is a “chain” so to speak of English-speaking newspapers that’s growing quite a bit – we have a Danish version too!).  She now teaches outside and works with children and after moving from Shanghai, a mega city if there was one, to a smaller town called Linkoping.  I enjoyed her observations but especially the one above, and the one here, regarding her experience learning about the outdoors.

“My teachers were 60 years old and they were so much stronger than I was. I had grown up with concrete, boxes, machines, noise – a completely different environment. I was 23 at the time and I thought to myself: ‘what have I done with my life?”

It’s funny to think that we would have to “learn” how to be outdoors but the more I think about it, prior to coming to Denmark, that could have easily been us…

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