It was just one of those weekends…Puerto Rico Rain Forest-1

Looking to embrace one of our favorite parts of Washington, we set out to see the peak cherry blossoms.  At our tot’s request.  Not really a success.

Set out to surprise the kiddies with an outing and treats to the movie theater for the new Beauty and the Beast.  Most certainly not a success (more on why later).

Tried to do a little house hunting.  Meh…not a success either.Puerto Rico Rain Forest 2-1

One after another, it was one of those weekends where every attempt didn’t quite work out. On top of everything, both kids came down with something, more apparent as the weekend went on and that was likely the root cause.  Sometimes, you just have to declare victory and stay home.

Lots on the work horizon so I’ll be off for a few days – in the meantime, I leave you with just a couple of shots of one of our favorite plants from around our Puerto Rico trip – the colors were just gorgeous, especially after it rained, reminding that there is always something beautiful about, even when skies are gray if you just take the time to look around.

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