Six Forgotten Giants…

We’re hoping a visit to Copenhagen is in the cards for this summer and I’m working every possible angle to make it happen for us.  It’s been fun to keep up with news of the city and make lists of favorites to revisit but also new things to explore, like Thomas Dambo’s Six Forgotten Giants sculpture series that just went up around various hidden corners in the outskirts of town.Teddy Friendly, From Thomas Dambo's Six Forgotten Giants, a treasure hunt for six forest sculptures around Copenhagen.

The video below gives a great overview and I don’t want to give too much away but I find the whole concept fascinating. Thomas Dambo is a sculptural and installation artist that uses scrap wood and often works in “hidden” locations, which means that in order to see his work, you have to do a little work yourself. The Six Giants website has treasure maps to all of the Giants, and each is written with a backstory as to the why and how of he or she was built, often times incorporating not just a nature statement but a social or cultural one too. I’m sure many a forest school has been out looking for these troll-like installations and we will most certainly be tracking them down ourselves!

Video and Image via Thomas Dambo.

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